Kindness of strangers

I know it is a lot to ask for a stranger to show kindness towards yet another complete stranger and I would have hesitated to ask if life was not at stake. So this blog is going to be about a fundraiser for my cousin, Doyel Choudhury, who is fighting for her life. I call her cousin, yet when we were growing up in our Kolkata, the line between cousin and sibling was blurry. Since she could talk she was a wild child. I was 6 years older than her and determined to teach her good manners. When 3 year old Doyel did something naughty, 9 year old me would gently chastise her, “You have done that. That was wrong. Say sorry.” Little Doyel would raise her lovely little face up to me and say, “Na sorry bolbo na.” (I won’t say sorry). Her spirit was indomitable. She used this spirit in every aspect of life – her singing, her dance, zumba, her relationships.

That spirit came in handy when she decided to take on cancer. All the indication she received that the big C has taken hold of her body was a little shortness of breath. She had difficulty breathing when she walked. The prognosis, after trips to cardiologist, internist and finally oncologist was metastatic ovarian cancer. The indomitable spirit that kept us in awe her entire life of 43 years took on the fight.

She was definitely not going to go gently into the night. 12 hours of complicated surgery later, 4 or 5 times of more operations to fight infections later she was declared in remission. However, here is the catch though. They discovered the condition is genetic and in order to prevent a relapse she needed to take a medicine for 30 months. Each month’s medication cost 240,000 Indian rupees ($3180). This is beyond her means.

Some of you who read my blogs do not know me at all. And you have no reason to trust me. However, I am appealing to your kindness today because my beautiful, 43 year old, mother of my lovely niece, daughter of my ailing aunt, cousin (sister) is fighting to prevent cancer. I can not be with her or do anything for her. The least I can do is share her crowdfunding initiative so we can raise enough money for her medication. I share this now because the campaign will match 15% of every contribution made today and tomorrow. The link to contribute is below. Thank you for considering.


3 thoughts on “Kindness of strangers

  1. Thanks for sharing. I made a small donation. Sending prayers for her and her family’s health and happiness!

    Btw, I recently finished Just Mercy. Great book! I learned so much. Really well written and so much more than in the movie. Highly recommended.

    Now reading Warmth of Other Suns for Sept. book club. Really big book but also very well written and interesting.

    A favorite book of mine is The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck in case you haven’t read it. I love her writing style. Working on reading more of Buck’s books. Currently reading The Pavilion of Women.

    Hope you’re reading some good books this summer too! 🙂


    *Stacy * *TealDragon Consulting, LLC* *Web Design and IT Consulting*

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    1. Stacy, thank you so very much for your kindness. It means a lot to both of us. I still have to read Just Mercy. I have it sitting on my book shelf. I read the other two. I even heard Isabelle Wilkerson when she came to the library. The Good Earth happens to be one of my favorite books and I have lost count how many times I have read that, both in Bengali and English. LOVE It. In fact, my book club at the library Global Reads discussed it. It was a great discussion.

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