13 thoughts on “Is this what it is to have a teenage (in a few months) girl?

  1. The best friend of a girl is supposed to be her mother. And I think times and technology change( it was the telephone) change but the excuses remain the same :). As usual so well written.


  2. Hey Piyalli,

    Having been through this with my now-17 yr old, all i can say is enjoy it while it lasts.

    Soon she will be slipping her feet into your shoes, that stops only when (and u pray that day comes) her feet become a whole size larger than urs. No, half a size won’t matter because by slipping her feet in, the shoe will just become hers for good– you will never ever be able to wear them comfortably again!!

    Its amazing how they can do homework, watch TV, Fb and talk on the phone all the same time.

    yeah so its all good!

    strap on the seatbelt, love, the teenage years are all one hell of a roller-coaster ride.

    Piyalli, you are right– u miss it once its all done and gone… my daughter has just been on a 1-yr Rotary exchange program in Germany… Now that its almost time for her to return I can’t wait for all the drama to begin once more…




  3. Yes, it is sweet most of the times. I know I will miss it when she won’t do this anymore. She hasn’t retracted into the shell of teenage years yet. I am enjoying this while it lasts.


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