..and then the war began.

In our family, a major war begins with a simple nudge, an innocent poke or a certain look. The parents planned a family walk through the woods on a nice winter morning. It started off pleasantly, with good cheer but didn’t last. I documented the fight instead of mediating.

Starting the walk, with grumpy faces.
Getting along.
Sibling love. Parents heaving a sigh of relief. The walk was a good idea, after all.
Oh, the smiles.
All in fun...still.
Do I detect a frown?
Ryan is not too sure...
Target Daddy but cracks forming in the wall of solidarity.
Getting serious.
Prior to being pushed into a pricker bush - unintentional.
Being pushed into the above said pricker bush.
Grumpy face 1.
Grumpy face 2 who wouldn't let me take a closer shot.

11 thoughts on “..and then the war began.

  1. I just discovered that:

    1) It’s easier to see other kids fight than your own

    2) Fights are MUCH more tolerable when you can’t hear them!


  2. feeling of deja vu….these days here it starts with a pinch or hair pulling…poor Royina her long hair is now a bane….I loved the picture where Sahana and Ryan are smiling at each other


  3. Fantastic…the pics are superb…and you should venture into serious writing and publishing. I will send you some links of blogs, start sending them your write ups. And, no don’t give me that “I write only for myself and my kids”. Cheers!


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