Wild things…

First snow of the season in 2012! The boy and the dog couldn’t wait to get outside. The boy bundled up and called the dog to follow. I captured two happy souls and some happy moments in my camera!

Playing attack
Advantage Ryan
Who's taller?
You give up, Ryan?
Tag, you are 'it'!
I need those gloves!

Ryan believes Sage will outlive him. He will designate somebody to take care of Sage when his time finally comes. We tried to tell him, dogs don’t live that long. The thought brought tears, so we let it rest. I hope when he is a grown man, looking back upon his childhood, he will remember these happy times he spent with a big, yellow dog by his side.


6 thoughts on “Wild things…

  1. today Royina and Rohak were pulling on a wish bone–Royina mumbled her wish–did not know what she wanted…Rohak was loud–heard him say–I wish Theia was immortal and will live forever…..beautiful pictures of Ryan and Sage—bond between kids and their dogs is really wonderful…I honestly believe that kids who grow up with dogs/animals develop sensitivity at a very early age


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