Thank goodness for the “accident”!

The breeders had a “The Lady and the Tramp” moment. Their beautiful, purebred, shiny black labrador retriever did the unthinkable. She got out and fell in love with the neighbor’s sheep dog of insignificant repute. And the accident happened. Thank goodness, since one of those accidents came to our house and moved straight into our heart. We named the “accident”  Sage.

Sage at 8 weeks.
I was told I shouldn't snoop around but you never know, I may find treats.
All that play is hard work.
The human pups were totally faking it.
He uses me as a pillow sometimes. I love it.
Homework helper.
All grown up at age 2

We foolishly committed to getting Sahana a dog when she was 10. Oh, we heard all the “I will take care of it, feed it, walk it. You don’t have to do a thing!” We didn’t believe her for a minute. But we are gullible, indulgent parents, we gave in. Sahana, predictably, doesn’t feed him, doesn’t walk him or doesn’t take care of him, but she loves him with all her heart. Mom and dad, the suckers, are fine with that. Sage does many jobs in our house. Oh no, not ‘fetch the paper’, ‘open the door’ kind of jobs. He doesn’t do any of that. He does make himself available to Sahana when she suffers from her momentary preteen angst. She swears, stroking Sage gently, helps her calm down. He sits by Ryan’s feet when he reads, he listens yet doesn’t offer any criticism. He makes Sean feel like the most special man on earth when he returns from work (I know that’s my job, but a little word ‘delegation’)! For me? He is my sounding board. I talk to him all day, ask his opinion on things. He agrees with me, ON EVERYTHING! Never talks back, which is so refreshing! Oh goodness, did I just confess I talk to my dog all day? I am sharing much more than what’s good for me. Let’s say I think aloud, Sage just happens to be in the vicinity. Bottom line, all four of us agree, thank goodness for the “accident.”


7 thoughts on “Thank goodness for the “accident”!

  1. nothing like having a dog in your life…it is such a rich experience. Wonder what kind of a person I would have been if there was no Draco, no Argos or no Theia in my life


  2. and about making Sean feel special–the other day I heard Babu mumbling to Theia after he came back from work..”you are the only one who shows any enthusiasm”….and about talking to the dog..I always talk to her, when I leave the house I tell her where I am going and around what time I will be back


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