‘I have no life’

My daughter is twelve. So I get to meet quite a few 12 year olds and get to hear ‘Jeez, I have no life!’ What ‘life’ is a twelve year old supposed to have? Ignoring my daughter’s glare, I sometimes ask her friends to walk me through their day! Generally, it is ‘I go to school, come back home, start my homework, go to activities, come back, finish homework, dinner, some computer time and then go to bed.’ Well, that seems like what a 12 year old life should be like! But what do I know? Thinking back, when I was twelve, the homework was the same if not more, but we didn’t have structured activities. I learnt music, so I had to practice but other than that, when homework was done, it was my time! I guess we had more of a ‘life’ than our children do?


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